“Why, sometimes I've believed
as many as six impossible things
before breakfast.”
― Lewis Carroll

How To Use

Green Screen

Imagination is the key! Step inside the green screen booth and you could end up anywhere! Use our technology to give guests the experience of being anywhere or doing anything! The results will speak for themselves.


Select your template!


Snap your photo!


Share the experience!

Green Screen

Our green screen technology is first class – we’ll partner with you to make your event POP! Green screen is possible with our photo booths, Social Circle GIF booths and even our social explorer.

Backgrounds can be moving, still, real or out of this world! Oh and did we mention printing is available?!

  • Bespoke overlays
  • Animated/moving templates
  • Multiple template options
  • Animated backdrops available
  • Instant sharing
  • Data capture & analytics

Green Screen

Bring your activations to life with an endless supply of possibilities! Are you exploring the snow, the water, the jungle? No worries…we have our drink bottle, suncream & bathers packed and our hiking boots on – let’s go!

Our team is ready to partner with you to create a green screen experience people will never forget!

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