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How To Use

Social Explorer

We bring the photo booth to you! Our Social Explorer is a roaming photo booth, ready to snap branded photos of event goers in and around the event, give them the opportunity to share and splash all over social media and then provide you with the data and analytics from the event!


Roam around the event and enjoy yourself!


Pose when our roaming photographer comes by!


Share your snap with family & friends and plaster it all over social media!

Social Explorer

Our team has the technology and we are ready to partner with you to create an event experience that will blow your mind! Who knew something so small was so powerful.


  • Bespoke overlays
  • Multiple template options
  • Instant sharing
  • Filters
  • Animated/Moving templates
  • Data capture & analytics
  • Green screen functionality

Social Explorer

Our Social Explorer is a travelling social media opportunity, designed to increase your social circle – on the move! It requires no space, has no limitations and ensures no distractions for event goers!

Our Social Explorer can print, has green screen integration and is totally in love with social media.

We're ready to take you on a journey with our Social Explorer - are you game??

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