Give guests an unexpected,
enjoyable experience and in
return, they give you their trust.

How To Use

Social Sharing & Data Capture

We’re static, we’re explorers, we’re GIF’ing and we’re socialising.

We’re on-site, off-site & location specific – Melbourne or interstate.

We really do bring photos to life and the best part is, the result is attention grabbing and brand boosting!

Social Sharing & Data Capture

Pose, Brand & POP all over social media…no waiting, no down time and no stress!

  • Bespoke graphics
  • Instant sharing and share data capture
  • Short & long term activations
  • Staff available
  • Customised data
  • Marketing surveys
  • Live tracking
  • Branded photo booth options
  • White label options
Social Sharing & Data Capture

Social Sharing & Data Capture

We have solutions available to capture branded moments, create social media attention and collect marketing gold! The fun and effective way to market.

It’s social marketing in a live, interactive and popping way! We make sure that peoples interaction with your company is front of mind, positive and interactive!

Grow your social circle and heighten your social experience!

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