How to Host a Surprise Party | The Best Surprise Party Hosting Tips

How to Host a Surprise Party

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What’s better than a party? One you’re not expecting of course! Surprise!
Whether it’s a birthday, a farewell or a homecoming, there’s nothing like a good surprise party to show your friends and family how much you love having them around! Here are some of the best tips for hosting the perfect surprise party:

  1. Check that the star of the party actually likes surprises! It may seem like an obvious step but it can be easy to forget that not all of our friends love being the centre of attention! If your friend doesn’t want a big surprise, that’s fine! Instead of having everyone surprise them at once, have a few close friends drop in with cupcakes and a bottle of wine! With the right decorations, the right equipment and the right attitude, you can have a comfortable ‘surprise’ at home!
  2. Once you have permission to plan the surprise, you should choose a venue! The benefits of a public venue: you can keep all the decorations and catering away from wandering eyes, the venue will likely have all the equipment you need, and you won’t have to worry about clean-up! The benefits of having it at your house or office: it will be cheaper, you’ll have more flexibility with catering (many venues will not allow outside food or drinks) and the more familiar the venue, the less likely you are to arouse suspicion…though unless you plan on enlisting the help of the guest of honour in the clean-up, we suggest you don’t have it at their house!
  3. While surprise parties are a blast, sometimes a surprise comes at an inconvenient time. Arrange for someone else to transport your friend to or from the party and make sure you’ve organised whatever they might need (a change of clothes, toiletries, medicines, a sleeping bag, etc) if you plan on keeping them into the early hours!
  4. Choose a theme! Themed parties can elevate your surprise from event to PARTY! It can be as simple as ‘Welcome Home!’ to as exciting as Roaring 20s, Disney Magic or Masquerade (if you needed a little more surprise!). Keep in mind though, it may be more difficult to hide the costumes!
  5. Don’t post the event on Facebook! Inviting the guests face to face or over the phone may be slightly harder to keep track of, but it is far more secretive and much easier to clarify something over the phone than to take back an accidental click!

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