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Influence how your customers EXPERIENCE your brand with our Photobooth Melbourne solutions.

Photobooth Melbourne solutions

Experiential marketing is one of the most powerful tools you have in your branding arsenal.

It delivers an interactive, live brand experience that’s proven to build brand loyalty. In fact, according to a recent EventTrack survey, 74% of consumers say attending your branded event marketing experiences makes them more likely to buy from you.

Why? Because you’re giving your customers something they crave – authenticity. When you immerse your customers in your brand experience, you open up a dialogue with them that brings your brand to life in their imagination.

And that’s the sweet spot when it comes to buying decisions.

We work with you to achieve results and images that will amaze your guests – and make them associate your brand with excitement, transformation and pure, unadulterated fun.

How Poppy’s Photobooth Melbourne can help.

We help you boost your marketing and branding experiences with highly professional, highly creative event photo booth hire. Melbourne brands like yours rely on us to help them:

Create brand experiences that connect with your audience personally.

Encourage customers to buy into your brand personality and boost brand loyalty.

Add value to how your customers experience your brand.

Drive consumer content across social media, creating powerful word of mouth advertising and story-telling.

Branded Brilliance.

We work with your marketing team to grow your social circle and heighten the ways your customers experience your brand.

Poppy’s Photobooth (Melbourne and beyond) is a fun, interactive and effective way to market your brand.

We make it extra easy for you to capture branded moments with your customers, create social media attention and share the love in a live, eye-popping way.

Our photo booths can be branded inside and out – we can even brand the props to match!

Our Brand, Pose and Pop social sharing and data capture features give you:

Bespoke graphics

Instant sharing & share data capture

Short & long-term activations

Customised data

Marketing surveys

Live tracking

White label options

Use our staff or your own.

Have you heard about

the FOMO factor?


Hint: It’s why Photobooths are so effective at boosting your brand presence.

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is driving millennial engagement in experiential marketing, with at least 70% of those aged 18-34 saying they experience the feeling regularly.

The FOMO factor is a result of the social nature of millennials and the desire to be connected. That’s because they automatically want to be part of exciting events they see their friends enjoying on social media.

This desire to be part of the action is one of the reasons 98% of attendees are capturing content at your live events, and a huge 100% of these people are sharing that content to their social feeds, according to a report by EventTrack.

That’s why branded photobooths are so popular at events and how they can help drive even more customers to your brand.

Socially connected – on and off line – we make it easier for people to show up and share their memorable experience of your brand with their tribe.

We deliver novel ways to make your brand event shareable and exciting, helping your guests document their experiences via unique backdrops, props and friendly photobooth staff trained to make the whole process even more fun.

Awesome brand experiences can go viral in a matter of moments. You’ll get more shares on social media and more millennials wanting to see what all the fuss about your brand is.

And the more meaningful your brand experience is, the more millennials will associate it with positive emotions, making them more likely to trust you, purchase your product and become an avid, loyal brand ambassador.

Tap into the millennial market today – ask us to help make your experiential event a viral success.

Take your customers on an unforgettably FUN BRAND journey.
Build your brand and customer LOYALTY with our photobooth Melbourne-wide and beyond.

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