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Make your event POP!

We all love to share, and who doesn’t love an Instagram selfie? Technology now enables us to take and share photos with a touch of a button. The drawback of constantly seeing through a camera lens is that ironically we lose sight of the bigger picture!

Instead of being a hefty and expensive luxury, professional photography is now possible at a reasonable price and availability thanks to the increasing range of photobooths. Whether it’s for selfies or soirees, a photo booth helps us preserve precious memories without ruining the fun. But what sort of booth should you be looking for?

Undoubtedly your first thought was the price. The cheapest option is tempting… we’re all on a budget! But there are other costs to consider.

  • Does the booth come with an attendant, or will you need to worry your guests don’t know how to enjoy the entertainment?
  • Is on-site support readily available?
  • Does the booth itself suit the venue and the style/vibe of your event?
  • Ensure the company suits your needs.
  • Can we customise props?
  • What backdrops are available?
  • Let’s not forget a trendy # and sharing station so that we can upload our creations as we go.
  • Finally, consider the people behind the flash. An attendant might be at your side for the entirety of the event, so you should seek out companies with friendly staff that you feel comfortable with. After all, they will be in charge of managing the memories of your special day!

Poppy’s Photobooths provides a variety of booths, backdrops and props for any event, from corporate events to birthday parties, and at a variety of prices. We can customize props, backdrops and templates to suit all your needs, and we can even manage social media through our sharing stations and custom Instagram tags. Our experienced and charismatic staff will be with you every step of the way to make sure that, whatever your big day, we have you covered!

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