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Outdoor Event Photobooth Hire

As we move into spring and the ground thaws, the flowers start blooming and we no longer need to argue over the thermostat settings, it’s a great time to think about planning an event!

So what do you need to do if you’re hosting an outdoor event?

The most obvious consideration is of course the weather. We all joke that Melbourne is unpredictable, but even if you’re not under the city’s fickle sky you have to consider the possibility of the forecast giving you the short end of the straw. Having a Plan B is essential to combat wind, rain or over-shine! Consider how easily you can move in tables or chairs, ensure you can cover your food in case of rain or wind (who wants a dust storm on their hor d’oeuvres?) and make sure you have plenty of water and sunscreen available if it looks like things will heat up!

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Make sure whatever you take outside can withstand the weather: equipment is an obvious consideration, as not all equipment is suitable to use on soil or concrete. Another consideration is, once more, the food: even in the perfect weather, you need to serve temperature appropriate foods at appropriate times – no point serving ice cream in summer if you’re going to leave it outside to melt! It’s recommended that you serve food that can survive mild temperatures and that you serve it in waves.

If your backyard is a little…unstable…you might need to think about fall damage! Tell your guests to stay out of their high heels, use non-slip mats on ground prone to getting muddy, or pull out some gumboots for guests!
Moving an event outdoors can also create the problem of lost guests: unless you have a traditional Aussie outhouse in view, you should have proper signage as to where things are…while most guests won’t confuse your kitchen for a bathroom, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We have a variety of booths that are suitable for both outdoors and indoors, and are prepared to make your event an enjoyable experience in rain or shine! Our equipment is easy to use and easy to transport, making it perfect for those last minute changes in plans! Our professional Booth Bosses have seen it all and are endlessly prepared for that missing extension cord, emergency rain covers or last minute entertainment. Know your event is in good hands, regardless of the weather, with Poppy’s Photobooths!

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