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Should You Get Props with Photo Booth

The reasons for having props at your booth are as diverse as the props themselves. There are so many options: you can buy them from eBay for pennies, customised for a few more pennies, or you can make your own out of anything you like! There are tons of ways you can make your props unique, but there are also tons of reasons you might not want props.

MIGHT NOT WANT PROPS?! We know, it sounds ridiculous, but hear us out.
Props add unique entertainment value to your booth and keep guests coming back again and again to try the next pair of sunglasses or the funniest hat. They’re a quick and easy way to add value to your experience and encourages people to relax, get loose and embrace the party vibe. However, there are reasons you might want to hold back on them.

props or propless

Particularly with cheaper props, breakages are going to happen. If your event will have a lot of children, or a lot of tipsy adults, be prepared to have props missing or broken by the end of the night. A lot of companies also charge fees for damages to their stock.

Props can distract from the event. If you’re planning a serious event, such as a wedding, too many props – or props that are inappropriate – may affect the mood around the booth. Props that make noise may also be out, as the last thing you want to do is interrupt the speeches!

Too many props can lead to the same props being used over and over again instead of making use of everything available. Instead of a lot of fun, unique pictures, you have heaps of That One Red Hat.

Good news though! Props don’t have to be physical items. Poppy’s Photobooths offers a massive range of digital props as well! Just like your favourite snapchat filter, these props detect faces and impose themselves onto the photo. As well as being fun, digital props reduce the hassle of props not fitting, trying to hold props and the booth at the same time, and the afterparty clean-up.

So, what should you consider when getting props?

  1. What is the tone of the event? Serious events might be suited to less or no props, with more focus on the backdrop or template
  2. Do a risk assessment; if you think props are likely to break or get stolen, you may want to invest in cheaper props or forgo props altogether.
  3. Would you like digital or physical props? There are benefits to both types – though digital props have added bonuses of being cheaper and risk-free, older guests and young children may have trouble using them.

Poppy’s Photobooths has a wide variety of fun and unique props, and no limits when it comes to customisation. We are prepared for everything, including that accidental drink spillage! With all the fun you’ll be having, you’ll agree our props are the best in the business!

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