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Stop Shaming Selfies

One of the biggest complaints about the current generation of tech-savvy young adults is that we spend too much time taking selfies. As professional photographers and photobooth operators at Poppy’s Photobooths, we find this #ridiculous!

stop selfie shaming

The selfie was popularised in 2010, when the iPhone 4 was released with a front facing camera. Since then this has been embedded into just about every device imaginable (including, and we’re not kidding, toasters!) So why did this humble technique become so popular?

Party-poopers will put it down to the narcissism of the millennial generation: they love themselves too much! How terrible! We have a different theory.

  • Selfies are imperfect and that’s okay. We don’t take selfies to put on the yearly Christmas card or our driver’s license. Often they’re taken with a silly face, your hair a bit messed up, the lighting is all over the place, and that’s okay! It’s not about being perfect. It’s about taking a fun picture.
  • Selfies are unapologetic. Some people mistake the millennial for being narcissistic, when in actual fact it’s confidence! As a result of being more socially conscious and #woke, millennials have a greater leaning towards self-love, self-care and generally being yourself! Taking a selfie is a photographic expression of ‘I love myself and it’s okay’
  • Selfies capture a moment in time. Do you have a family photo album you keep safe in the cupboard at home? The tradition isn’t dead: it’s just digital! It might seem dumb to keep that selfie from your awkward scene phase, but isn’t it fun to look back on it and laugh? Don’t you love looking back on that photo of you and your friends hanging out at the bar? We love looking back on our lives and laughing, or looking in wonder at how we’ve changed. Plus, since our albums are digital, there’s no reason to limit the photos you have…it’s not like they take up space, right?

Stop shaming the selfie and celebrate in style at your next event with our Selfie Booth! Our booths are easy to use and designed to help you look your best with built in lights and even digital props for that extra fun!

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